Summit 50 Plus Activity Challenge

Welcome to the Summer Activity Challenge! The challenge will be easy to use and allow you to record your activities once a month.  Recordable activities will include brain health such as playing bridge, puzzles, reading etc, indoor activities, such as taking classes like yoga, swimming and exercising at home, and of course, outdoor activities such as walking your dog, hiking, and bike riding. Our Leader Board will show your progress as your points add up! Don’t live here during part of the summer? No problem, submit your monthly points via our website from wherever you are! Not sure if an activity counts? No problem if you are thinking or moving it counts. All activities will count 5 points. To sign up just fill in the fields with your name (non public) and create a fun nickname and age range (public on leader board) and submit your points once a month via our web site and that’s it. Participates will earn either a Black Diamond, Blue Square or a Green Circle award when the program ends September 15th.

When: May 15th – September 15th

How do I sign up?  Just click the button below

Activities:  Any activity that gets you thinking and moving will count. All activities will count the same number of points which is 5. Some examples are in each area are listed below. It is up to the participant to decide what activities to measure. You might do 3 or more different activities in one day, other days might just be one. The list is endless so we leave that up to you.

Recording your daily Activities: We suggest to make it as easy as possible that you devise your own method of recording.  Some like to mark a paper calendar, others might want to use technology such as your smart phone or a computer. Whatever works best for each participant. Take a few minutes each week and record your points from activities and then send them to us once a month.

How to send us your Monthly Activity Totals: The administrators of the Summer Activity Challenge project request you login and record your total points once per month staring after June 15th 

Leader board: All participates can check their progress on our Summer Activity Challenge Leader board. Your real name will not be shown only your nickname. So create a nickname when you sign up. If you remember back in the day a CB radio handle name just for fun …’ breaker breaker 1-9’

Awards: At the end of the challenge participates will earn either a Black Diamond, Blue Square or a Green Circle award for their efforts!

Examples of Activities:

Outdoor Activities: Hiking, walking, walking your dog, running, paddle boarding, tennis, pickle ball, golf, mountain biking, road biking, swimming, rowing, kayaking, gardening, painting your house, community clean up day …

Indoor Activities: Barre class, weight training, karate, yoga, physical therapy, dancing, stationary bike, hockey, deep cleaning your house, woodworking, building something …

Brain Health: Bridge, teaching, puzzles, mentoring, playing an instrument, run a zoom class, game nights, SC activity book, read, science form, working, great decisions group, volunteering, doing good deeds in our community….

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t live in Summit County all year can I still participate?

YES!  You absolutely can participate from anywhere.

Why do I have to submit my points on a monthly basis?

Part of the fun of this project is to see how you and others are progressing on the leader board. This also will help validate this project.

When should I submit my monthly point totals?

We request by the 20th each month.

What if I can’t join the Challenge in May? Can I join at anytime during the 4 month timeframe?

Absolutely you can join the challenge at any time.

I am still working will that count as an activity?

Yes, that is worth a session of activity (5 points). Any activity that makes you move or think counts.

Can I earn a double score?

You can earn a double Activity Session (10 points) for activities you do that are way past the ‘normal’ walk, hike bike ride etc. An example would be a usual walk or hike might be up to an hour or two hours. But if you do an activity that is way beyond that it would earn you a ‘double activity session worth 10 points’. We leave it up to the participant to decide.

Do I have to be a member of the Senior Center to participate?

No, anyone who is 50 and above can join. So tell your family and friends to join up!