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Rummage Sale Volunteer Sign-Up 2023

In late spring or early summer 2023, Summit 50 Plus will add a volunteer sign-up to our website. If you have any questions in the interim, please call the Front Desk at 970-668-2940

Dinner Events – Monday Night Dinners


Happy hour at 5:30PM – Dinner at 6PM

Meal reservations are required midnight of the Thursday evening prior to each Monday Night Dinner.  Payment will be required at time of reservation.  All reservations and payments will be online via this web link.  The dinner cost is $20 per person.  If you need help making the online reservation, please call the Senior Center at 970-668-2940, or you can make the reservation at the computer kiosk in the Senior Center lobby

Donate to Summit 50 Plus

By making a donation to Summit 50 Plus, you provide vital help in shaping the experience of folks across Summit County.  Your support allows us to continue meeting community needs in these challenging times.

Living with Covid-19

As most of you already know the mask mandate have been lifted for those attending activities at the Community and Senior Center.  However, we encourage those who feel safer wearing a mask to do so.  All Covid-19 vaccination clinics are open to individuals for primary series or booster doses depending on eligibility. For more information on where to receive a Covid-19 vaccination, please visit the County website