Easy Riders Cycling

Fridays | Summer

Easy Riders bike in & around Summit County in a leisurely fashion. All are welcome. We do not compete to see who has the best cardiovascular system or the strongest quadriceps, hamstrings or gluteal muscles. No judgment if you walk up a hill or stay in the easiest gear, because we will be cycling at High Altitudes. Have fun, go at your own pace, take in the beauty of the Colorado Rockies and enjoy the people with whom you are cycling. It is a wonderful activity to meet new friends and enjoy beautiful Summit County! For those of you riding e-bikes, we will let you go first since you will likely go faster!
Easy Riders is looking for a new leader in 2024. To volunteer, please reach out to Summit 50 Plus board president, Mickie Parsons (mickiepar@msn.com)

Tentative 2023 Schedule
We will meet on each Friday starting June 23.

DateTimeMeet-Up & Ride Details
June 239:15 AMMeet in the saddle at the Dillon Marina and ride to Keystone and back. Coffee in Keystone
June 30No Ride around holiday weekend
July 79:15 AMMeet in the saddle at the Senior Center and ride to Breckenridge and back. Coffee at Daylight Donuts.
July 148:30 AMMeet in the Target parking lot, Silverthorne. Bike via Frisco to Copper Mountain and return to the Target in Silverthorne. Coffee in Copper Mountain
July 219:15 AMMeet in the saddle at the Senior Center, ride to Dillon & then to Keystone. Coffee in Keystone and return to the Senior Center
July 289:15 AMMeet in the saddle at the Senior Center to Dam Road, down to Silverthorne and ride to North Pond Park. Lots of traffic on the Rec Path in Silverthorne so go slowly and carefully
Aug 49:00 AMMeet in the saddle at the main bus station in Frisco.  Ride to Copper Mountain and stop for chat and coffee in Copper Mountain.
Aug 118:30 AMMeet in the saddle at the Lake Dillon Marina parking lot and ride to Keystone and Montezuma (or as far as you want to ride). Return to the parking lot over Swan Mountain (optional) or return the way we came.  Coffee in Keystone.
Aug 188:30 AMMeet in the Target Parking Lot, Silverthorne. Ride to Frisco. Coffee at Butterhorn Bakery and Cafe in Frisco.
Optional Rides (below)Depending on weather and availability of leader
Aug 258:30 AMMeet at the parking lot on Main Street & Frisco (Exit 201) We will travel to Dotsero** and ride through Glenwood Canyon. Bring a snack/lunch for a picnic before returning to Dotsero and our cars
Sept 18:30 AMMeet at Transportation Center parking lot in Frisco (Exit 203). Travel EAST on I-70 to the Bakerville Exit, park on the south side of the exit in a small parking lot. Ride the Recreation Path to Loveland Ski Area, take a break (you will need a beak, it is a climb) and return to the Bakerville exit & the cars. We can find coffee or lunch in Frisco
A Few Friendly Cycling Reminders

Please accept a few friendly reminders about cycling in the high country.

  • SAFETY FIRST: YOU are responsible for your own safety, comfort, and well-being.
  • Ride with at least one other person and preferably two other people. As a group we may spread out so having a biking buddy is really important. Please do not ride alone.
  • Have your CELL PHONE with you at all times & any MEDICATION you need during the day.
  • If you have a medical/health emergency please call 911, we do not have a SAG on these rides. After calling 911, please let Mike or the leader for the day know what is happening.
  • If you have a flat tire and do not have the expertise or a buddy to fix the flat you will need to enlist someone along the way or call a friend with a car. Remember to carry an inner tube with you.
  • If you do not think you can make it to the next destination or meeting point, feel free to turn around and go back to the beginning, just let someone in the group know.
  • Make sure you carry water & snacks & a small first aid kit.
  • Dress in layers. It will be cool in the morning and will warm up as the ride progresses. Always have a rain jacket with you.
  • The trails are hard surface for the most part. Nevertheless, keep alert for hazards on the trail. The views are spectacular, but remember to keep your eyes forward when riding. If you want to enjoy the scenery or take photographs, just dismount and gaze to your heart’s content.
  • Remember that we are on recreational trails with riders of all abilities and with people walking.
  • Please be aware & respectful of other people on the trails. Again, this is not a contest. We want everyone to enjoy the trails and stay safe. This is especially true during the height of the tourist season when we have families on the rec paths. IF YOU ARE PASSING, please call out “on your left” so people are aware of your presence.
  • If the weather looks rainy/lightening, etc., you may contact MIKE via cell phone to determine if the ride will continue.
  • PLEASE ENTER Mike Higgins’s CELL PHONE # IN YOUR PHONE: 516-376-7604 (email – for questions or comments that are not time-sensitive – notennis2006@yahoo.com)