Loosey Goosey Annual Membership Party

The annual Loosey Goosey Membership Party will be held on Thursday, January 25, 2024.

As in past years, there is a limit of 175 persons who can attend this year’s membership party. As an aside, as of the start of the new year, I don’t have a volunteer host to replace Lois Montague. That individual would be responsible for picking the appetizers and desserts and arranging for them to be brought to the party. We have a budget for the cost of food.

To attend, you must sign up in advance for the party by January 19 at 5PM using the form below. There is no cost to members for the membership party. However, you must be a member in good standing to attend, which means you must be a paid member of both Summit 50 Plus and Loosey Goosey.  Membership forms both online and printed application can be found on the Summit 50 Plus Membership Page

To ensure our headcount is accurate for the Annual Membership Party, please submit only one online-sign-up form below.  If you’re signing up for yourself and one or more other persons, please use the “total participants” to make that indication.  Please do not submit separate online forms to name every participant.

After submitting the sign-up form below, you will immediately receive a dinner confirmation email.  If you do not receive that email or otherwise have any questions, please call the Summit 50 Plus Front Desk at 970-668-2940.

In order for our organizers to be able to obtain a headcount and adequately prepare, registration for this event is now closed. We hope you’ll consider signing up and attending another event in the future.