Film Event
Out of Cordoba
Jan. 4, 2023 at 3PM

Out of Cordoba is a documentary film directed by Jacob Bender and made in an effort to understand the events of 9/11. Filmed in the USA, Spain, Morocco, France, Italy, Egypt, Israel and Palestine, and 10 years in the making, the award-winning film explores contemporary relations between Muslims, Jews, and Christians, the revolts for human rights in the Middle East, and the strug­gle against religious extremism and xenophobia. 

Wine and appetizers will be served.  A discussion will follow the screen­ing with Dr. Ana Börger-Greco, a University of Pennsylvania PhD,who taught graduate courses on the Convivencia for over 40 years.

Please sign up below to join us for this thought-provoking, timely & relevant  film.  Zoom will be available for those who cannot attend the screening at the SCCSC.  

For more details about the film, please take a look at our Out of Cordoba Flyer.

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